Family Dynamics & Powerful Inspiration 2017

Mr. XL Smith Family
Coach Tee & Son

The Family story

How It Began
When it comes to success or successful people, the question is always asked about how you get here, or there is a reference to how you got to where they are now!

Well this situation is no different.

When it comes to the path I am on, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge some of the people who played a role in my life today!

In this post, I am introducing you to my family and one of the key players in this amazing scene call my life!  Please say hello to my brother (Cous-Bro), Tee Smith, aka, Coach Tee.
Family Life with Coach Tee

I would not be able to tell my story without talking about my younger brother, Tee G. Smith, aka Coach Tee.

However, his mom calls him Tiny, so I’m going to call him Tiny.  Just kidding, I digress!

For me to share my complete story, I would have to take you back to my childhood, but for today you will get the condensed version.

Xavier Smith younger brother
The ‘Beast’ On Defense

The story picks up in high school when my brother and I were able to go to the same school!

We landed at Piedmont Hills High School, home of the Pirates.

I got to tell you it was such a pleasure to watch this guy in action on the football field!

He was a beast!

Me, well we both did our thing on the basketball court too, but when it comes to the gridiron,

Tee was a legend and the very definition of an “Impact” player!

Tee was on a level all by himself!

Well Tee’s skill and prowess on the field earned him a scholarship to play football for the University of Arizona State where he also shined, led from the front, and impacted the team and those around him in a big and positive way, in true Smith fashion!

Xavier Smith and Brother Tee
All Star Tee Smith

Pushing the fast-forward button a bit, Tee, after a great football career transitioned into a new role as a father, coach and community leader!

Responding to his oldest sons request to stay home to play with him, Tee embarked on a path of learning how to create a lifestyle that would allow him to raise his family and be at home at the same time – he made a name for himself in real estate!

To make a long story short, Tee being the visionary that he is, convinced me to join him and his family and create a real estate dynasty after I got out of the military!

His goal was to have the entire family out in the beautiful state where he could be close to everyone and help everyone create a lifestyle and not just work a J.O.B. (just over broke).

Xavier Smith Coach Tee
Tee’s Beautiful Family

It is because of this and other reasons like having a huge heart and love for kids that I would take this guy to war with me anytime!

He takes to same tenacity he had on the football field and now applies it to his lifestyle of  Faith, family and community!

I learn a great deal from this guy, and once you get to know him I am sure you would come to the same conclusion!

With nothing but a love for others, a strong desire to create a lifestyle that GOD intended for all, and a heart that is bigger than all outside, Tee Smith, you are recognized as a great family man, community leader, and all-around good guy!

I am just glad I never had to play on opposing teams against this dude!

Xavier Smith Family
The Beautiful Kids of Tee

I want you to stay tuned because you will be finding out much more about my brother’s story and how he went from real estate millions to broke, and how he is a much better man for it!

He will be joining me as a part of the “Two Brothers Talking” series on the radio show!

Be sure to sign up as a listener (it’s free) so you can get plugged into this amazing story of faith!.