Vibration Plate Exercises At Home & Best Vibrating Plate 2023

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Vibration Plate Content Brief.

Aging takes a toll on every one of us.

Low stamina and even lower motivation make moving around feel like a chore.

To top that, medical conditions like arthritis, sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease further sap away your energy and enthusiasm.

But you can fight back!

You have to.

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Healthcare professionals recommend older adults continue exercising for increased muscle strength and strong bones.

Running, swimming, and cycling are failproof ways to keep the metabolism running.

But let’s be honest.

How do you run a mile or swim a lap when every move is a challenge?

Good for us all, researchers have found an unconventionally effective approach to traditional exercising: vibration exercises or vibration training.

Best Whole Body Vibration – Power Plate

The best vibration plates move in three directions at one time. Up and down, side to side, and front to back.

The effects on the human body are gentler.

They are more commonly used in therapy.

We found one brand that delivers on the tri-planar movement pattern

So, if you’re looking for a Power Plate for Care Centers, make sure it has a tri-planar movement pattern.

Tri-plane vibrations, vibrate up and down, front-to-back, and side-to-side.

Most higher-level gyms use Power Plate for exercises with this feature.

Safety Features

A non-slip and comfortable platform is key.

It should give you a secure footing throughout the exercise session.

Additionally, look for safety features like an emergency stop button and automatic shut-off timer to ensure your safety while using the machine.

Suction cups, removable handles and rails, and carpeting are important features too.

They prevent falls and slips.

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Additional Features

Since you’re supposed to enjoy your workout session, make sure you get a plate with integration capabilities and remote controls.

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How to Use a Vibration Plate?

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pro5 In Use At Transition Zone

Using a vibration plate is, quite frankly, the easiest and most convenient way to exercise.

You can sit, stand, or even lie down on it.

Most people exercise on the plate to increase the calories they burn.

If you want to know which vibration exercises you can perform at home, here is a list for you.

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Squats help strengthen your legs and buttocks.

Doing it on the vibration plate increases muscle activation when you squat.

Start by standing with your feet on the vibration plate.

Keep them shoulder-width apart.

Now, grip the handles and slowly lower your body into a squat position.

Pause at the lower position for a few seconds before gradually returning to the starting position.

Do not extend your knees over the toes.

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Lunges target your quads and glutes.

They also improve your flexibility and balance.

Start by putting one foot on the center of the vibrating plate and the other on the ground.

Keep the front knee directly above the ankle and squeeze your quad muscles to go in the position.

Your back should be straight.

Also, keep your core engaged always.

Switch the legs and repeat.

Heel Lifts or Calf Raises

Another exercise that highly benefits your lower body is the heel lift.

Stand on the vibrating plate with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.

Lift one of your heels off the plate and hold it for a few seconds. Now, lower it back to its original position.

Do this with both legs alternatively to get the best results.

You can also add this exercise to your squat for more benefits.

But wait, there’s more.

In the next section, we have highlighted the health benefits of WBV therapy.

Increased Muscle Strength

Do you know how aging works?

It affects your physical function by reducing muscle performance, isometric voluntary muscle contraction, and the ability to balance your body.

And so, you struggle with tasks like carrying groceries and taking the stairs.

But WBV accelerated training can help you fight all that.

The vibrations generated by the plate, together with high-intensity resistance training, increase your muscle mass and strength.

You will also notice a significant improvement in balance and coordination.

Moreover, vibration therapy reduces the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that breaks down muscles.

Improved Bone Health

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Aging and other health conditions like menopause can lead to osteoporosis.

It is a condition in which the bones become brittle and lose bone density.

The regular use of the vibration plate helps you fight this off too!

WBV training increases the levels of parathyroid hormone and testosterone.

These are growth hormones that prevent conditions like osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Plus, plate vibrations make your muscles stronger.

When they’re stronger, they pull on your bones harder, making them stronger too!

Vibration Plate For Weight Loss

Got flab here and there?

It’s time to get rid of the fat stores in your belly, thigh, and back.

The vibrations from the plate can help you reduce body fat percentage and build lean muscle mass.

And here’s the bonus part: it doesn’t take much time.

Research shows that just 15 minutes of WBV therapy three times a week can help you reduce your waist circumference and hip-to-waist ratio.

However, it’s difficult to lose weight without a calorie deficit diet.

So, make sure you combine vibration training with proper diet and exercise to benefit from the most of it.

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Vibration Plate Exercise To Lower Blood Pressure

When you do whole-body vibration exercises, your muscles use more energy than usual.

As a result, your heart rate increases, and you inhale more oxygen.

Since your body pumps blood faster during this stage, blood vessels dilate, reducing blood pressure.

Moreover, it also increases nitric oxide production in the body.

Nitric oxide relaxes the arterial wall, further lowering your blood pressure.

Premenopausal women with weight and blood pressure issues can benefit from regular plate vibration exercises.


Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Machines are creating a lot of buzz in the fitness world lately.

Not only are they helpful in building strength and reducing fat, but also in managing blood pressure levels.

But it’s essential to pick the right one with all the safety features you need and additional modern-day convenience features.

Make sure your machine is powerful yet compact, as well as supports vibrations of different intensity levels.

Using the Power Plate at least thrice a week for about 15 minutes can help you achieve the desired results sooner.

If you’re in search of the best-vibrating plate to add to your gym, check out the collection at Coach Xavier Store. We have a wide variety of different features to suit your needs.

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Vibration Plate Exercises At Home & Best Vibrating Plate 2023