My Conversation of Xcellence with the Vegan Green Goddess Sandra Cotto

I just had an amazing conversation with Sandra Cotto, the Vegan Green Goddess! She told me all about her work and what it’s like to be a vegan green goddess.

I am so grateful she gave me some time so I could learn more about her personal story and journey towards her best self!

Benefits to going vegan (at least for a while)

• Helps balance the pH level in your body
• Promotes a healthy gut flora
• Promotes weight loss and healthier digestion

• Beneficial to health
-cleanses your system of meat-based food and dairy
-can eliminate many issues in your body, such as inflammation of the colon or heartburn
• Eases mental stress and anxiety
-find new ways to get nutrients and support physical health without animal products
-reduce the amount of tension you face daily due to less pressure for what you will eat at dinner that day

Can going vegan lead to a new Life?

Going vegan is not just for the animals!

All of these benefits will help you feel better, live longer and be healthier.

It’s easy to go meat-free when your diet consists only of plant foods like fruits vegetables whole grains nuts seeds legumes rice or beans; they’re rich in fiber which helps control blood sugar levels by slowing down how quickly food travels through our digestive system so we can get maximum health benefit from every bite – plus it tastes great too (vegan recipes).

Eating more plants makes us happier because their essential minerals fill us up without adding unnecessary weight while also giving our mind & body what they need most: ENERGY!

Sandra LOVES Mary Ruth Organics

Mary Ruth's Organics

Sandra has been a vegan for some time now and was feeling amazing, but she wasn’t sure about how to get all of the nutrients and vitamins that her body needed.

I introduced her to Mary Ruth Organics and she decided to give it a try after hearing so many positive reviews from other vegans.

Not only did Sandra feel better physically, but she also felt confident in herself again because people would compliment her on her glowing skin.


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Take the 21 Day Challenge

Conversation of Xcellence with Sondra Cotto

I want to leave you with something that will help.

Sandra has a 21-day challenge where she offers support, recipes and so much more .

This might just be what your body needs right now!

You can find out more here, or reach out directly if you have any questions about this new undertaking.

Get with Sandra today!  You won’t regret it!