YogaBody Trapeze

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I love working with my clients on the Yogabody Trapeze when they are with me in the Fitness Dungeon.
I even included this in my vlog series (Episode #7)
But I also love it when people have their own at home too!
Practice is what makes one better right!?  Think about it.  The body, mind, and soul will get better at what you practice.  So that means, if you don’t practice, it will get better at that as well, so you may as well practice something that will give you lifelong benefits and keep you feeling good and performing well for many years to come.
yoga body trapeze
As you can see here, The Yogabody trapeze is many different things for many people.

  • tension release
  • spinal decompression
  • rejuvenate your back

These are just a few of many benefits to owning your own Yogabody trapeze.
It’s affordable, easy to maintain, and a whole lot of fun!
Made for all body types, and any fitness level, you can turn this into your very own gym experience right in the comfort of your home.
Yogabody wonder wheelMy next purchase will be the Wonder Wheel, but I am wondering if they make one that will be fit for my height?
And I need to find a color that works for me too but you get the idea right?
I am telling you if you are looking for a way to get into what your body can do, then you own it to yourself to get the Yogabody trapeze and Yogabody wonder wheel a try!
You won’t regret it!
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