Yoga Trapeze -Practice is Everything

Yoga Trapeze in Action

In this video you can see how the Yoga Trapeze can be used to combine simple body movements with Yoga Trapeze to get an amazing full body practice in. (In The Fitness Dungeon – We PRACTICE – we don’t work out)
I really love the Yoga Trapeze because it can be used for ALL fitness levels and you don’t need anything else but you and the trapeze.
Yoga trapeze client use
Depending on one’s fitness level, the warm-up can actually feel like a full practice.  I also love the freedom the Yoga Trapeze offers.  You can leave all the traditional notions behind with this solution and really dive deep into your own personal expression of who you are and what you want to get out of your practice and your life.
If you are looking for functional movement, as opposed to the same old traditional dogma of weight lifting with sets and reps, then the Yoga Trapeze is a must have in my opinion.
You will notice in the video that the Yoga Trapeze allow you to engage the body in many different planes of motion which open you up to all the dimensions, and not just one dimension.  Giving your body what it has been yearning for – FREEDOM!

Yoga Trapeze 90-Degree Squat

The Yoga Trapeze is great for anyone rehabbing the body after a traumatic event (accident) or for the one who is getting back into the habit of moving the body. Doing the 90-degree squats is a perfect drill to activate the pull muscles (lats, biceps), and core, as well as a little bit of the legs.  One of my favorites to work my clients!

The Yoga Trapeze Bicep Hop

Looking to blaze those biceps?  The Yoga Trapeze saves the day again!  Doing the bicep hops is a great way to not only work your muscles but jack up your heart rate at the same time.  Try turning on your timer and doing that non-stop for one minute!

Yoga Trapeze Floating Boat

Few people know that poor back issues can be attributed to a weak core.  The floating boat done on the Yoga Trapeze is another solution for you!  Just be ready to have your core blasted like no other, especially if you forget about the sets and reps and do it for time, like we do in the Fitness Dungeon.

Yoga Trapeze Traction Jackson

Now this one is one of my personal Yoga Trapeze favorites!  I have built up to just hanging out in this pose for up to 7 minutes at a time!  I feel like a 240-pound bat just chilling out in the bat cave!

Yoga Trapeze Banana Man

Okay I know I said the last one was my favorite, but this one is another one too!  Such a great stretch for the abs!  Now I just need to incorporate the side banana man into my own routine and I will be golden.  Are you starting to see the value of having the Yoga Trapeze in your life?
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Client Footage of Yoga Trapeze

I love it when my clients can heal, de-stress, and have fun with the amazing Yoga Trapeze!
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