What  Does power Plate Do?

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One Machine Endless Benefits

Whole Body Vibration


Whole Body Vibration does...

Improve Strength

Activate More Muscles

Improve Muscle Recovery

Burn More Calories

Improve Flexibility

Improve Circulation

Using a Power Plate routinely has been shown to help increase flexibility. In a study conducted using whole body vibrations indicated that the vibration had a statistically significant influence on flexibility.

Improve Flexibility

Working out on a surface that is vibrating 40 times a second increases the difficulty. This makes your muscles have to work harder in order to stabilize. Athletes love this as it helps them both increase the intensity of the workout and workout more muscles simultaneously.

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Improve Strength

Improve Circulation

Tiny vibrations flowing through your body enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and support their functioning. Multiple studies have shown that whole body vibration increases skin blood flow.

Activate More Muscle

Scientists have found that a Power Plate workout recruits 95% of your muscle fibers while a regular workout is shown to only recruit 45%

What Can Power PlateDo for you?