Lymphatic Drainage Herbs Supplements

From Mary Ruth Organics

Formulated for Adults

The lymphatic system provides our bodies with immune support through its antigen and immune cell production, maintains fluid balance in the body, and absorbs dietary fats from the digestive system.

Liquid Herbals

Take up to 30 drops 3 times per day!

traditional herbs

– We need to take care of this important system in order to ensure it can take care of us!

Organic Lymphatic Support

Suggested Use: Shake gently before use. Take up to 30 drops (1 mL) 1 to 3 times a day, or as recommended by a physician or healthcare professional. Can be taken directly by mouth or added to water. Please avoid direct dropper contact to the skin or mouth in order to prevent product contamination and damage to the dropper.

Immune Support

Lymphatic Function

Traditional Herbs

Support Your Lymphatic System So It Can Help Support You! Help maintain your lymphatic system health and optimal performance with this herbal blend..