Thank You For Taking Action on Type 2 Diabetes

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The Secrets of Nutritional Healing for Diabetes: Eat Your Way to Lower Sugar Levels

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The Secrets of Nutritional Healing for Diabetes

Publisher’s Summary

The Secrets of Nutritional Healing for Diabetes

If you have received the grim diagnosis of diabetes, chances are you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by this unfortunate life situation.

This book will serve as a guide to help you get a handle on the disease by broadening your understanding of it and all that managing it with medication and diet entails.

There are many drugs on the market, and figuring out with your physician which ones are right for you can seem like a daunting task.

Look to the chapters covering the multitude of diabetes medications to understand what each type of medication does, how it works, what kind of diabetes it is best for, and its limitations in helping you manage your diabetes.

Since supplements can help you control your disease, there is an entire section devoted to the best ones for diabetics as well.

Your diet also plays a critical role in living with diabetes.

Food To the Rescue

Learning what foods are best for helping you control your blood sugar levels can be the difference between life and death with this progressive disease.

If you are worried you will never be able to eat the kinds of meals you love anymore, don’t be!

There are so many delicious and healthy foods that you can easily incorporate into your diet for optimum health.

The herb cinnamon not only adds a delicious bit of zing to your dishes but will help keep your blood sugar levels steady.

You can live a healthy long life with little deprivation even with diabetes. Let The Secrets of Nutritional Healing for Diabetes tell you how.©2004-2014 Proxy Publishing (P)2014 Proxy Publishing

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Taming The Tiger-Your First Year with Diabetes

Taming the Tiger: Your First Year with Diabetes
Thank You For Taking Action on Type 2 Diabetes 5

Publisher’s Summary

New to diabetes? Confused, angry, and scared? No energy to wade through the tons of information out there?

This little pocket guide is written for you.

It has just the basics in plain English.

Just what you need in the here-and-now. Just what you need to get started. And nothing more.©2009 William Lee Dubois (P)2013 William Lee Dubois

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