Thank you For Coaching With Me!


“One should always be evolving!”  ~Mr. XL Smith

The above statement is true in my world of Xcellence and this is no different.  I am always on a quest to IMPROVE, not only for myself but for the sake of those I am blessed to serve, which means YOU!
So let’s get right to it.  I am building more value and solutions that will only benefit you in this coaching journey that we are on together.  Because I myself and quite used to being uncomfortable and pushing myself to improve, I am putting this all together as a means for you growing into the person you have been sent here to be as well.
As such, because we are on this journey together, the content you will receive via email is designed to add a higher energy of coaching to your everyday tasks that you may find beneficial to your growth cycle.
You will be receive primarily video content that cover the range of life and living it at a higher level.  This will include all the challenges in between as we can not always be Xcellent 100% of the time!
Let me just say one more time, thank you for coaching with me!
Yours in Xcellence,
Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith

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