My Whole Foods Experiment – Intergrative Nutrition

So you know I have been sent here to IMPACT – INSPIRE – & IMPROVE the lives of others right?  Well if you did not know that, you know it now, and today is no different.  In this video I am messing around with whole foods and creating delicious meals so come on down and get you some real food!
I wanted to get this video out to those who are looking for inspiration or a reason to get into the kitchen and try a few new things when it comes to whole foods.  As you can see, the school I am attending (Institute for Intergrative Nutrition) to become a certified Health Coach has got me pumped up and ready to get into the kitchen and try a few new things myself.
Now I have always wanted to get into the kitchen more myself but since I have been in schooll (take a free class) learning about whole foods, super grains, and over 100 differing dietary theories, my inspiration level has jumped quite a bit.
When I am done with this one year course, I will not only be able to help you with your fitness as a fitness coach/trainer, but I will also be able to take your nutrition for you, family, and corporate setting to a whole other level.
So for me it’s all about value, and I am doing my best to increase value for those I am blessed to serve as currently I can help with Blood type coaching, life coaching and fitness training/coaching, and by the middle of the year, my nutritional coaching practice will be opening up to help even more people just like you!
So here is the deal folks, I just want to spend my time providing not only solutions but Xcellent solutions to the world and this is just one way I get it done.  The question I have for you is this…
How can I help you live life at a higher level?
If you do need help or you just have a question, simply use the form below to contact me.