Talk about Confidence And Self Defense

Self Defense And Confidence

I have been hearing people that are experts in their field say “you have to dress for success!” Giving you the notion that if you do dress for success, you will be able to have much more success in whatever you do than not dressing for success and getting mediocre results.
I suppose there is some validity to that statement, for wearing a nice ensemble does seem to boost the mental. However, I am of the opinion that confidence emanates from the grounds of the mind. The garden of what lies between the ears is what must first be cultivated! If this garden is not tended to properly, it does not matter what drapes your shoulders.
I recall some years ago, before being married, my confidence level on a scale of one to ten, was right around 25. Picking up a family member from the airport, not bothering to dress for public viewing. I had mustard stain on a white tee shirt, wrinkled sweat pants, and slippers. I mean it was a sad sight. I saw someone from the car that I wanted to know better. I got out of the car, spoke to her, and to make a long story short, we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. I later found out she was most attracted to the confidence with which I spoke to her!
The same thing hold true for self-defense. I spend a great deal of time working some of the most timid people, taking them from the type that is afraid to look someone in the eye, to a confident person who is able to walk tall with shoulders back and head up. Self-defense is more about mental than anything else. Strengthening your mind will help you handle any self-defense situation!
Here is the bottom line, nothing can take the place of confidence! If you need help with building your confidence and self defense, we are here to help. Our motto is, “empowerment and a better life for all, through self-defense, and fitness!”

Self defense Pepper Spray
“I am NOT a victim!”

Mr. XL Smith recommends pepper spray
Stay confident – Stay ready

Non-lethal protection

Let me tell you about some of our best selling and most requested “Empowerment Tools” that are a must have for anybody now-a-days!

The key chain pepper spray is ideal for students in college or anyone dealing with potential strangers in public.  It works well for runners as well as it works on animals too!  Some like the one pictured come with dye that sticks for up to 45 minutes.

The key chain Kubaton works well for those who don’t want to deal with pepper spray or it can be used in addition to pepper spray.

They come in many different styles (metal, pointed, wood, etc.) and are great for helping boost confidence so you don’t become a victim.

As a decorated 10 year US Air Force veteran with training from all around the world in Jiujitsu, I want to help. I have taken all my years of training and distilled only what really works and created a system of simple yet effective techniques that anyone can learn. My passion is to help men, women and children learn these simple techniques, thereby making you more prepared if an attack should occur.
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