Sedona – Our Last Day

So let me tell you about our most Xcellent time in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  It’s was my wife’s birthday weekend (my wife is Annette Martin-Smith, aka, Mighty Mouse).  So I wanted to take here to one of her favorite places.  We were able to unplug from our normal duties of taking care of people and serving them to the fullest and just flat out RELAX – for the whole weekend.
Sedona, as you may already know is one the most beautiful places on earth.  Full of positive energy, super cool people, and the food, oh the food.  Let’s just say that it is easy to eat healthy in just about all parts of Sedona, Arizona.
During our stay, we did have time to visit some places that we have never been to before.  Mighty Mouse was looking for a place to get a message and we ended up finding this place called Music and Magic.  We did a session each and then we ended up doing a session together and boy, it was different, but well worth the price of admission.
More on that in another post!
Another one of our favorite places is Picazzo’s Pizza!  This is the place known for the best gluten free, allergy friendly, sustainable, organic and fresh vegan and vegetarian food in Sedona.
Again, this is a post for another time perhaps, but you will like that one too!  I hope.
This video that you see above is all about INSPIRING all to LIVE at a higher level – you own version of Xcellence.  My mission statement is pretty simple.  I have been sent here to IMPACT – INSPIRE -& IMPROVE the lives of others and I am just doing my best to do just that.
So let me ask you this.  How are you living right now?  Are you living at your highest level?  Are you living an inspired live?  Are you living life in VICTORY or are you playing the role of the victim.
I only ask because as a coach (Certified Strategic Interventionist) and someone who cares, I am here to help you get unstuck, but nothing happens when you don’t take action.  Nothing changes when nothing changes.
So anyway, switching gears on you just a bit.  I want to welcome you to my new website,  On this new site, you can look forward to a few things.  A few things like authentic postings all designed to IMPACT your thinking in a positive way.  Designed to INSPIRE you.  Designed to IMPROVE your life for the better.
In other words, something I like to call “Living The Mission!”  So if you like what you see/feel here on this new site, please feel free to let me know how you feel by adding your voice to the conversation below, or registering yourself for a ticket to be on the train of Xcellence (opting in for my newsletter).
On a side note, as I continue to evolve into the person I am to become, you can expect this website to evolve as well.  Meaning, more functions, features, and capabilities will be added all for your benefit as well so I hope you do stay tuned as I look forward to providing you with most Xcellent Solutions.
As I leave you, I want to remind you of this:

You don’t have to wait for your life, especially when you can create your life!  I am here to help!
~Mr. XL Smith

P.S.  If you need to talk about something.  If you are interested in learning what my style of coaching is all about.  If you just want to IMPROVE your life through fitness, then reach out to me using the form below!