Thrive Market Premium Shower Filter

The Thrive Market Premium Shower Filter

Thrive Market Premium Shower filter
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Getting this Premium Shower filter installed was one of the finer purchasing decisions I have made lately. I certainly would not have been able to imagine a year ago how much of a positive impact a shower filter would bring into mine and my family’s life. But it has, and the system has worked as promised, without any hiccups.
Chlorine has become a normal constituent of our homes’ water supplies. This chlorine is often mixed with other chemicals to produce water clean enough to eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria, and disease-carrying pathogens. Moreover, the added chemicals add a specific degree of comfort to the mind of a home-dweller turning on the faucet; regardless of the water source and its extraction, the chemical treatment is enough to ensure your health and safety.
But chemicals are harsh, and they can be detrimental to our skin and hair. Moreover, consuming this chemically-treated water is not safe for our lungs. This is where the premium shower filter comes in.

The filter has garnered positive reviews, and is available via Thrive Market at a price that is around 40% lower than the average retail price. Getting the filter system installed is quick, easy, and quite straightforward.

The shower filter introduces more oxygenated water into the water that flows through shower-heads and sinks.  As of the time of this posting, I only have the shower heads done.   The difference was felt by myself and my family even after the first use; chemically treated water coupled with chemical-based shampoos and conditioners make for a destructive combination. The filtered water was milder, and easy on the scalp.
After several more washes, skin came away softer and more moisturized; the drying effects of several chemical agents were completely removed from the equation, and our skins were left smoother, softer, and more supple.
The most noticeable difference, however, has shown itself in our hair.  Well mainly my wife’s hair.  I don’t have long hair issues!   You cannot truly estimate the detrimental effect chemicals have unless they are completely removed. For my entire family, we realized that natural hair that is treated with pure and mild water is a miracle: the hair becomes remarkably softer, lighter, and easier to manage. Hair fall may reduce, alongside instances of dandruff and dry and itchy scalps. There are quite a few feelings that can match up to the feeling that a head of clean, soft, and healthy hair can incur.

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This filter system has proven to be an ‘Xcellent’ alternative for individuals with skin conditions such as psoriasis. The water is calmer, purer, and exactly what the skin and scalp need in order to breathe and encourage optimal cellular activity.
Thrive Market also has this filter with a silver finish!  It’s a bit more in price but it’s still an ‘Xcellent Solution’ for those with a taste for looks.
Essentially, the premium shower filter system allows the best of both worlds; families, like mine, can now enjoy the benefits of chemically-treated water which has been further filtered to reach an optimally pure, clean state. Whether to take a shower, bath, or drink directly from the faucet – this product is definitely one to purchase!
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