Benefits of starting your day with warm water and lemons

Benefits of starting your day with warm water and lemons

warm water and lemon
So you may know about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar by now, but do you know about warm water and lemons?
Have you every thought to yourself, there must be a simple solution to my most plaguing and complex problems?  Something that is organic, and can be used for many other things and does not cost an arm and a leg.
Well this solution has been around since the beginning of time (imagine the theme music of Star Wars or something epic like that).  Or at least since the time God decided to plant trees on earth.  Still with me?  Okay since that time, which means it’s been around for a very long time and it’s the truth because it is actually timeless.
You guessed it, lemons, of all things, is what this article is all about.  Well that in combination with water of course.
This little yellow delight of natural goodness is like a multi-talented professional sport athlete.  Or a chameleon because it’s one thing yet, that one thing can change into so many different colors, or, well you know what I am getting at.
Lemons are versatile and in my opinion, they are over looked when it comes to be used for things other than as a garnishment on a plate of fresh caught salmon.
There is definitely more to lemon than meets the eye. While it is mostly applied as a base for salad dressings or to add flavor in cooking and baking, they really have much more to offer, also their Rich deposit of vitamin c, potassium, folate, Vitamin B6, thiamin and so on makes lemon a wonder fruit.
Vitamin C is known to be effective in enhancing the immune system as well as neutralize free radicals linked to aging and disease and it’s in addition great for the skin. Starting your day with warm water and lemon has countless health benefits.
Here are a few amazing benefits of warm water and lemon in the morning.

Lemon Water Can Boost Your Energy

Warm water and lemon is a purely natural energizer. It hydrates and oxygenates the entire body system, leaving it feeling rejuvenated and refreshed for a long time. Unlike coffee, whose effects are short lived. Interestingly, one of the most powerful benefit of drinking warm water and lemon in the morning is that it helps maintain the body in an alkaline state.
While lemon juice is acidic, it’s basically one of the most alkaline foods obtainable. Lemon juice also relieves symptoms such as heartburn, belching and bloating in a natural way so you don’t have to spend money on the fancy products that you may have been otherwise led to believe.
Keep this article in mind the next time your kids harass you about buying a fancy brightly colored sports drink.  You can put that money you were about to spend on the colored sugar water and instead invest it for their college fund or something else that may be more beneficial to them over time!  They can thank you later!
If you have trouble saying no, then just put the blame on me and tell them Mr. XL Smith said that this is a much better solution for you both now and in the future.

It promotes good digestion

Having trouble going number two?
Warm lemon water when taken in the morning generally stimulates the stomach to step up its production of digestive juices and enhances peristalsis, the muscular contractions that push food through the entire digestive system. Enhanced digestion implies much better nutrient absorption and less bloating.
Another solution for this is what you mother taught you as a child.  That is to chew your food thoroughly.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Just because you read this article and now you are adding lemons to your routine, that does not give you licence to inhale your food and expect the lemons to do all the heavy lifting.
Chewing your food will only make the process go a lot more smoothly so remember, mother is right.  Chew your food!

It stimulates elimination

A simple glass of lemon water promotes the liver’s production of bile. This along with improved peristalsis of the digestive system is known as a more natural means of waste removal. Lemon water additionally acts as a mild diuretic, increasing the rate of urination and carefully flushing out toxins from the urinary tract. The outcome is better waste management.
Again, as you can see, this is going to save you money because you don’t have to spend it on the fancy products that may actually end up making your problems worse over time.

It gives your immune system a boost

Fresh lemon juice offers you a shot of the antioxidant vitamin C (about 44.5 mg per lemon), however what is more important is, it helps the entire body system maintain a balanced pH. Though a lemon tastes acidic, inside the body it is alkaline – and an alkaline body is an essential factor to good health.
You always want your body to be in a state of homeostasisThe best state to be in to help the body avoid chronic disease.  Imagine being a super hero walking around like a bad-ass with this invisible force field around you shedding any and all attacks against you.
I just don’t see how anyone could live without this awesome little piece of heaven.  Unless you have a severe reaction to lemons or something, then I guess you would be exempt from all the stuff we are talking about right now.

Freshens Breath

Apart from freshening breath, lemons contain certain properties that help in relieving tooth pain and gingivitis. Remember that citric acid can erode tooth enamel, so you must be mindful of this.
Don’t brush your teeth right after drinking your lemon water. It is wise to drink your lemon water, after brushing your teeth or wait after a long time to brush your teeth. In addition, you can rinse your mouth with purified water as soon as you finish your lemon water.

Aids in Weight Loss

Lemons are an excellent source of pectin fiber, that helps fight hunger cravings. Researchers have found those who maintain a more alkaline diet, do actually lose weight more rapidly.
This one boggles my mind sometimes, because I run across a few people who just don’t like lemons.  I wonder if they will have a change of heart after reading this article?

Promotes Healing

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), is found in great quantity in lemons, it encourages wound healing and is an important nutrient in the maintenance of healthy bones, connective tissue as well as cartilage. Vitamin C additionally has anti-inflammatory properties and it is also a vital nutrient in the maintenance of good health and recovery from stress and injury.
Maybe this is why I heal pretty quickly from soreness after practice in the Fitness Dungeon, because I am always ordering water with lemon (sometimes lime too if they have it) when I am out and about at a restaurant or some place fancy.
I am sure you already know this, but have you ever noticed if you squeeze lemon juice on to a freshly cut apple, it will slow down the oxidation process?  So that is kinda how it works on the inside (and outside for that matter) of your body.  Pretty amazing little fruit right?  Who knew?
Okay so now that you have learned about the benefits of warm water and lemon, the million dollar question is, are you going to add this to your daily routine so you can take advantage of all the wonder benefits of this amazing combination of warm water and lemon?
Okay so now that you have learned about the benefits of warm water and lemon, the million dollar question is, are you going to use this information and add it to your daily routine so you too can take advantage of all the amazing benefits of warm water and lemon?
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