Muscle Rollers – Do You Need Them and Why?

Xavier Smith personal coach trainer

Muscle Rollers?

A productive workout at the gym, or an equally-intense training session on the track, or heck, even at home if you are one of the disciplined ones to get it done, it might inevitably result in sore muscles and a fatigued body.
If you just happen to have started frequenting the gym fairly recently – or skipped out on leg-day altogether – the aching pain and tenderness of your muscles the very next day pose themselves as insurmountable challenges. One day you might be lifting weights and seeing cardiovascular exercises through the paces, and the very next even slight physical exertion seems tasking.
You know like a couple of days after you do a workout in the Fitness Dungeon and you can’t sit down properly – you know what I  talking about!
If you do not happen to be an athlete or runner with a case of jelly-legs, but still suffer from routinely-severe muscular or back pain – you have come to the right place, nonetheless.
It is quite common to observe fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike toting around a log-shaped foam roller, often setting it down at intervals to massage their backs against. This is particularly true if one happens to witness the before or after the carnage of a lengthy marathon or swim-meet. This begs the question then, whether a muscle-roller massage stick is genuinely helpful, or a popularized sham?
Unpacking the myth
Muscle-roller massage sticks are often viewed as presenting a placebo effect, in that they might not achieve much more than basic blood-flow stimulation and relaxation. That they might actually aid in muscle or tissue reparation, or possibly remove the appearance of cellulite are additional claims – and the results provide the evidence.
A very solid claim worth looking into is in how the foam massager increases blood-flow; an improved blood-flow translates into more oxygenated blood being delivered to the muscles. A typical massage session will ensure that lactic acid stored within the muscles (the very component that causes muscle fatigue and soreness), is flushed out, and the body is able to relax. If you happen to have hit the track particularly hard, or are only-just recovering from a painful set of squats: the muscle-roller massage stick will soothe those aching muscles, and allow you to get back on your feet the next day.
Such massaging rollers additionally help prevent muscle exhaustion: the foam ridges and the roller flexibly massage ligaments, tendons, and muscles while they are still warm following a workout. This prevents them from cramping or tightening immediately after a run, hike, or training session.
Moreover, not only do such foam rollers massage tricky tension and pain points to soothe aches, but they also help rebuild damaged muscle. Here, the bottom line similarly boils down to how massage sticks encourage the circulation of oxygen and nutrient rich blood around the body. Your muscles will inevitably benefit, and move along any repairing process.
Daily training and sports might cause adhesions to develop within your body; a massage stick effectively – and gently – eases such adhesions to open and roll out, allowing you to go about your daily fitness routine uninterrupted.
In conclusion
Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, numb arms from daily swimming, or experience general muscle-soreness after gym routines: the muscle-rolling massage stick is a definite win for you. Not only does it allow you to go about in meeting your fitness goals undeterred, but such foam rollers are also handy in that they are portable, durable, and expertly-crafted.