Losing Weight The Right Way – Blood Type A Diet

Lose weight for Type A from queen creek personal trainer coach

Losing Weight The Right Way- Blood Type A Diet

Losing weight can be a troublesome concern and not everybody can lose weight whenever they want. In fact, the truth is that losing weight can become so problematic that people might need help with it, especially as far as the diet is concerned.

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If you are someone who needs assistance and your blood type happens to be A, and you wish to do this through science-based evidence and advice,  I am more than willing to help.

The Blood Type A is a food choice plan that may be different that what you are accustom to and I want to help you with an essential Freezer guide for type A to assist you with your weight loss.

 I am someone who has the necessary tricks, tips and accountability to push you for losing weight the right way.

The Blood Type A diet revolves around the essentials of beneficial and neutrals list, so you can choose from either of the two lists to prepare your meals for weight loss.

Choosing Your Meals

You cannot lose weight if you are not focusing enough on your diet. If you are someone who is looking to lose weight, start with our salad base.  Pick your choice of salad from the following vegetables: chicory, romaine, spinach, red leaf lettuce or escarole and you will have a sound meal for the day.

Choosing one of these options will give you an incredible start to a last minute salad and will add the necessary crunch to the sandwich as well.

Preparing Your Dinner

When we are dieting, we are cutting calories and I am here to help you with just that.  My recommendation for a good meal is roasted vegetables. The best thing that one can do for themselves is to keep fresh vegetables on hand in order to roast a good dinner or add these roasted vegetables to your meals the very next day.

Most of the vegetables you have should be eaten with olive oil and sea salt.  Blood Type A diet regimen has a number of vegetable recommendations for you to get you going in the right direction. These include kale, parsnip, broccoli, onion, pumpkin and fennel.

On the other hand, for the neutrals vegetables, our recommendation is beets, zucchini, squash, celeriac, asparagus and others.

My suggestion is to keep these vegetables in your fridge as they will come handy whenever you want to eat something decent and solid. These vegetables are also the best way to add more beneficial in your diet.

Aside from vegetables, you can also choose between fruits, milk, extras and proteins in your diet. Fruits are a great way to add some nutrition to your diet and make for a good snack. Some fruits that are included in our diet plan are cherries, blueberries, limes, cranberries, prunes, lemons and others.

As far as the milk is concerned, I recommend going for the soy milk (beneficial) or rice milk and almond milk (which are the neutrals) in the diet.

Proteins In Blood Type A Diet

The Blood Type A diet also includes a dose of proteins. The diet is essentially based on proteins, heart grains, vegetables, pure fruits and others. However, you can always add a source of protein in it as well such as almond butter, nut butter, beans, soy or seafood which are the beneficial and cheeses, eggs or poultry, which are the neutrals and prepare your meals accordingly.

Lastly, in the Blood Type A diet, I also recommend filling up your freezer with smoothies, such as those of apricots, cherries, blackberries and others.

Lose weight the right way by following the Blood Type A diet and you will be amazed at the results it brings to the table.





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