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Books are our best friends. They give us knowledge on different aspects of life and entertain us at the same time. However, in these fast paced times; reading a book can be very time-consuming. You can find it really hard to read a book while avoiding other responsibilities. Imagine, what if someone narrates the books to you? Interesting isn’t it?
A well-known speaker and narrator Xavier Smith presents audio books on different niches – narrated in his engaging voice. These audio books are created for a purpose to add value to the lives of the people. Each audiobook touches a unique subject which most people can relate to. The audio books are available on different subjects like healing diabetes, learning pushups to stay fit, the true message of Bible, overcoming obstacles to succeed in life, and even uses of baby powder. These books are narrated in a way that it keeps you involved and attentive.
Having different duration, these audio books are making lives easy to gain important knowledge in a short time. Obviously, you cannot read a book in 45 minutes or so but you can definitely listen to them. Xavier Smith has managed to use his attractive voice masterfully and does not let the interest diminish. Till the end of the book, you enjoy listening to him and want to listen to it again and again. These books are available at affordable prices to make sure everyone gets a hand on them. Don’t wait, check out these amazing books now!

My Audio Book Library

Are you an avid learner?  How do you like to get your learning in?  Well in today’s busy flow of life, it seems harder and harder to just sit down and enjoy a good book.
Fortunately technology comes to the table with yet another solution.  Enter the audio book solution.  I have to tell you I am so blessed to be able to add my voice to some quality audio book projects and the offers just seem to keep coming in.
This post is to serve as a central location so instead of searching the internet for all my audio books, you can find my current books and be first to know about my other books coming to the market soon!
So let me introduce you to some of the audio books I have out on the market, put together to help you IMPROVE your life for the better!  I am dedicated to only adding value to the lives of others seeing as how I was given an opportunity to continue living despite having a heart attack, absent parents, and being a hit-and-run victim/now victor, but I digress.  This is about the audio books.

Be your own brand by Xavier Smith
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So let’s state the obvious here folks, because my first audio book entitled Be Your Own Brand – Achieve More of What You Want by Being More of Who You Are, well, how can I put this, it was less than Xcellent!  However, the content I was narrating stands true and I was glad I was given the opportunity to learn more about the business of producing quality audio books!  In other words, you should get this book and focus on what the authors have to say (because it works in business and life) and not so much on the narration quality!  Just being real about it.
Hell and eternity Xavier Smith narratorNow let’s move on to the next audio book.  This one is more geared toward those who have a burning desire and an open mind about where we go after we die!  This one is called Hell & Eternity – It’s All Greek To Me.  The author, A. Wayne put in a ton of research to offer an interesting perspective to the subject of eternity!  This one took quite a while to get done but it’s well worth it, if you are the type that is interested in looking at the world through more than one set of lenses.
Overcoming obstacles Xavier Smith narratorThen we have my next audio book, Overcoming Obstacles – Become Overcomers by Bill Vincent!  So I added my voice to this project because it just made sense to me seeing as how I have always been a believer in a power source much bigger than myself.  I am not one that is deeply attached to any religious dogma or anything but this is one of those audio books that you listen to when you need a good lift of the spirit!  So get it, because if you are human, you will have some down days and need a tune up every now and then.
Taming the Tiger Xavier SmithNext we have Taming The Tiger – Your First Year With Diabetes, by William “Lee” Dubois.  Can I just say that I love this guy!  He came out and had dinner with us and everything!  We had a good time and I am so thankful that we were able to work on this project together.  The book is a short listen but it is so helpful, especially if you just found out you have diabetes.  In my opinion, everyone should have this audio book!
Nutritional Healing Book Xavier SmithThen we have The Secrets of Nutritional Healing – Eat Your Way To lower Blood Sugar Levels, by Xavier Zimms, and Aaron Yelenick.  Okay, first of all, after seeing what this book is all about and realizing it’s right up my alley and the fact that the authors first name is an Xcellent first name I had to audition for this one!  I guess they liked the voice because this one is one of the more popular ones on the market.  Thanks to Aaron and Xavier for choosing me – for choosing Xcellence!
baby powder Xavier Smith narratorNow as of today 5/8/2015, my latest project Baby Powder: 17 Impressive Uses for Baby Powder You’ve Never Considered is now available on Audible.  You should be the first to get an Audible account and learn how you can get this book for free!
I bet you did not know you can use baby powder to fix squeaky floorboard!  Get this book downloaded to your device now and find out all the other uses for baby powder!
push ups Xavier Smith narratorOh and we can not forget about my latest release for all my fitness enthusiast out there!  This is called Push Ups – How Doing Push Ups & Body Weight Can Help You Build a Bigger Chest, Shoulders and Triceps!
And there you have it folks.  I just wanted to make sure where and how to add these wonderful audio books to your collection without having to look all over the internet to find it!
You have just been provided with another Xcellent Solution – it’s what I do!  I come to the table with solutions.
In fact, if you are interested, here are some of my auditions that may interest you more to purchase my books or join my list to be the first to know of my new releases!

Did you see my list of physical books that I like?

Here are some of the best truthful books about doing it the right way on earth!  Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon.
Eat To Live on Amazon
The Eat To Live 2011 revised edition includes updated scientific research supporting Dr. Fuhrman’s revolutionary six-week plan and a brand new chapter highlighting Dr. Fuhrman’s discovery of toxic hunger and the role of food addiction in weight issues.  This new chapter provides novel and important insights into weight gain. It explains how and why eating the wrong foods causes toxic hunger and the desire to over consume calories; whereas a diet of high micronutrient quality causes true hunger which decreases the sensations leading to food cravings and overeating behaviors.  It instructs readers on how to leave behind the discomfort of toxic hunger, cravings, and addictions to unhealthy foods.
End of dieting
In The End of Dieting, Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board–certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity and The End of Diabetes, delivers a powerful paradigm-shifting book that shows us how and why we never need to diet again.
End of diabetes
The New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live and Super Immunity and one of the country’s leading experts on preventive medicine offers a scientifically proven, practical program to prevent and reverse diabetes—without drugs.

That’s all I have for you today folks!  If you have purchased one or all of my audio books, I want to thank you for being on board this train!
Have a good day on purpose!
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