Personal Trainer/Coach- Your "Go To" Personal Trainer For A Fuller Life

Personal Trainer/Coach- Your “Go To” Personal Trainer For A Fuller Life

These times that we are living in are highly challenging and it is not easy to live through them especially if we do not have proper aid or guidance.

Therefore, one of the best things that someone can do when it comes to living life and getting the right motivation is hiring a personal trainer/coach like Xavier Smith, aka Coach X.

Personal trainer/coaches are there to help you through thick and thin and push you towards achieving your greatest self.

These personal trainer/coaches are there to push you towards greater heights, lift you up during your falls, guide you physically and emotionally amongst all of the other benefits that they provide.

Therefore, personal trainer/coaches are not just regular people or individuals.

In fact, these individuals have been trained to make you come out of your shell and help you strengthen yourself up during times of adversities and challenges.

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Here is my most recent reviews (#73) From Christina!

5 stars rating for best personal trainer in Queen Creek

Christina Pic of rating for Queen Creek highest rated personal trainer
Are you searching for a place where you can train your mind, body and soul?

A place where you can feel safe, motivated, and celebrated for being just yourself?

Coach X provides that environment (a fully functional home gym with a vast amount of activities and equipment available from anti-gravity yoga, boxing, rowing, Bosu balls, ring workouts, and more!).

Coach X is not only my personal trainer for building up my strength and boxing; but also a personal development/life coach who has been guiding me through combating stress, depression, PTSD, anxiety and body dysmorphia.

I made the move from London back to the USA this past April. I’ve come across a lot of high stress issues that were deeply rooted from my dysfunctional and abusive upbringing.

Purely driven by my cannabis venture, I made the leap to just come and after a trying few months I ended up in Queen Creek in August beaten, depressed, and broken to the brink of suicide again.

Searching for MMA and boxing gyms, I came across Fitness Dungeon Athletics. Coach X caught my eye, especially based off reviews.

I messaged him and the rest was history. Our initial consultation was emotionally heavy as I completely let out everything I bottled up.

A lot that revolved around my body were things I never said out loud until I met Coach X.

Rather than judging me or disagreeing with my thoughts of not being focused on the # of my weight, but more of my body being shaped up, he immediately flashed the biggest smile and gave me a high five.

11 sessions later and I have made huge progress. I feel physically stronger, and my former inner athlete is now geared up and shining.

The stress levels and anxiety are there, but Coach X allows me to work out hard and talk at the same time.

He takes into account my eating habits (working on trying to regularly eat and not be deterred by my past issues that made eating something I detested), and continues to give positive energy for every achievement, no matter how small.

Coach X came into my life when it was dark again.

I have the fight to keep going, and it helps to be able to channel the negative to punch, kick, and yell it all out.

As he always says, whatever bothers me, I can leave it at his gym for him to clean up after.

Even after a recent PTSD trigger caused a breakdown, he continued to remind me that I am “not a victim, but victorious!”

Many would think having a personal trainer would be expensive, on top of having that trainer be a personal development/life coach, but honestly it is the best money I’ve spent so far.

Even though finances are tight now, he is well worth it.

When YMCA charges $10/day for a guest pass, that money + a little on top gets me Coach X.

I would choose him over anybody or anywhere else. As a note, I signed up for his 10 sessions of boxing for fitness that incorporates my favorite, the heavy bag. But don’t be fooled, he will work out your entire body and hone in on other areas that need attention (in my case the dreaded core lol!).

The importance of personal trainers is high and when it comes to personal trainers, there are a few recommendations that are better than the others. Looking for a personal trainer/coach that can provide you with the above-mentioned benefits and more? Keep reading because you might have found the right choice for you.

Personal Trainer/Coach- An Ultimate Choice

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A personal trainer/coach that is not only an amazing choice for you in the sense of guiding you and motivating you, but a full rounded individual who can guide you through pretty much anything and anything, Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith has been in the profession for years and is working as an experienced professional.

Not only has Xavier been working in the industry for years but has earned himself an incredible reputation.

Know that being a personal trainer/coach is not that easy a feat because there are so many individual things involved but not in the case of Xavier, who takes up every challenge at its best to provide you with the best personal training you could have dreamt of.

On a personal level, Xavier is not just a name to boast in general but his credentials are proof of the fact that he knows what he is doing and does it best.

Some of the main things to note about Xavier and why he is the ultimate choice of a personal trainer/coach are the following:

  • High star ratings on Google+: As a personal trainer, and owner of Fitness Dungeon Athletics, and Friday Fitness TipsXavier prides himself on having over 70 reviews on Google+. Having a high rating on Google+ is no easy feat but true and possible in this case. With such a high rating, you can be sure that you are getting the right package and deal.
  • Veteran Status: With 10 years of Air Force experience (honorably discharged), Xavier has the right set of tools and techniques that can help you get fit, feel fit and be in charge of your life. Being a veteran is an added benefit of hiring Xavier Smith as your personal trainer/coach because you will benefit from the entire veteran training provided to him.

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Years of experience and expertise are two things one looks for when it comes to hiring a personal trainer/coach and both these aspects are there if we are talking about Xavier Smith.

Get a personal trainer/coach today and reap the benefits of doing so for years to come.

Not only can Xavier help you with your fitness coaching, but he can also help you with your general life concerns as well!

That’s right.

Xavier also adds value to the lives of others by gaining experience and expertise in Strategic Intervention with over 450 hours of coaching people through life!

Not being satisfied with status quo, Xavier has also been guiding people to higher living through blood type coaching.

“Helping others understand as much about themselves and what their particular body honors for healthy living is just the beginning,”

Xavier likes to say.

So if you can’t tell by now, Xavier is all about living the mission of IMPACTING – INSPIRING – & IMPROVING the lives of others on a daily basis, and he is here to help YOU!
Xavier Smith personal coach trainer

Mr. Xl Smith’s Fitness Dungeon.