Spotlight on Center Sphere Member Patty Hermann

Who is Patty Knox-Hermann

Patty is a member of the Center Sphere Professional Networking group but there is so much more to who she is, as you are about to find out!

Patty knox-Hermann – Hero to Her Clients

Patty Knox is a high-energy Realtor with immense industry knowledge.

She brings financial and construction background, and an unending desire to innovate and serve her clients to the table.

Truly earning her reputation as an expert in negotiating contracts, and getting top dollar for your home or business while keeping you well informed of current market conditions throughout each step of this process from initial contact through closing escrow.

Patty Knox-Hermann

Patty uses cutting-edge technology that enables clients’ needs all around – whether its research into local schools & neighborhoods worth living in next door until they find their dream house; staying up to date via email alerts every time there’s news about houses being listed close by so when one does come available it can be inspected ASAP.

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Patty’s Mission

The Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports local charities through fundraising, volunteer efforts, and charitable partnerships. We are here to help you make the world better one charity at a time!

The mission of the Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation is to support local charities through fundraising, volunteer efforts, and charitable partnerships.

Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation

They are a force in our community!

The Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation helps you do your part in making this community great.

They work with local charities through fundraising events like our annual golf tournament or by volunteering on projects such as building new playgrounds for children who live nearby; however no matter what it is that you need assistance with (whether its generating more leads for a nonprofit organization or finding some time away from administrative tasks) please don’t hesitate at all if there’s anything we can do–just ask!

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Need To Rebuild?

The best investments are the ones that you can make in your home!

Advanced Development and Building Services is here to help.

Whether it be expanding or renovating, building luxury homes from scratch with all amenities on-site for people who want more space than what they have now or restoring commercial properties into something completely new – no project is too big nor small when working together as partners under one roof at A+B Custom Builders & Remodeling Company LLC .

Advance Development LLC

Advanced Development and Building Services can help you renovate your bathroom, kitchen or anything in between.

Whether it’s a luxury home renovation project for the savvy homeowner who loves to entertain friends & family members at their own house; an interior design transformation looking to freshen up tired spaces like kitchens with new paint colors and furniture pieces – no matter what type of job we’re talking about: if there is dust under that sink waiting on its turn then call us immediately because time equals money!

We’ll make sure everything stays clean while giving life back into these old buildings so they become worth living in once again!

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Patty The Agent

Patty JKnox-Hermann Real Estate Agent

Client Testimonials

Susan – Phoenix, AZ — Apr 2019

Patty is such a talented realtor! Buying or selling a house is not easy, but with Patty’s help, it will be a breeze. She’s such a hardworking and helpful person!

Kevin Anderson – Phoenix, AZ — Apr 2019

Patty sure is one amazing realtor! She was beyond helpful and helped me find my dream home. The process was not only easy, but fun! She was a pleasure to work with.

NJ Williams – Peoria — Feb 2018

Patty helped me find and purchase my first new home in 16 years. I wasn’t really sure exactly what I wanted or even what part of town I wanted to be in. I just knew there were certain things that were important to me. Patty was very patient with me and showed me dozens of homes as we worked toward finding what I truly wanted. I didn’t really have a clear vision of what that was, but Patty listened and adjusted until that vision became clearer. Patty walked me through the home-buying process and answered my many questions. If you are looking for a realtor who will listen to your needs and use your feedback effectively, who is motivated, driven, and on your side, Patty is your realtor!

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Patty has many roles, but they are all tied to the fact that she cares about those she serves and wants to be her client’s hero!

If you want someone who is an awesome real estate agent, a wife, a super mom, or anything else for that matter; please contact Patty.

She will work with your needs in order to find you the perfect home. We at Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation love working with people like Patty because we know their commitment to excellence and integrity make them truly stand out from others.

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