Hope For Breast Cancer
Hope for Brest Cancer

Have you heard? A new grassroots movement is starting… people are now starting to donate money to sponsor cancer patients to receive non-toxic treatments and they are getting well!

One survivor’s story was documented and is being shared with the world in an upcoming global premiere. The movie is called the Hope for Breast Cancer, and you can watch it for F-R-E-E by reserving your seat HERE.

The BIG Question that Started It All

Have you ever wondered where all the money donated to “cancer societies” and “research” institutions really goes to?

This is the BIG question that started the entire project. There is a lot of greed, waste and misappropriation of funds in these organizations and people are fed up.

One young couple was so fed up that they donated $50,000 with the request that 100% of their money would go toward sponsoring a cancer patient to receive non-toxic therapies for one year so that they could get the help that they needed – help from therapies that their insurance company refused to pay for.

This has evolved into a global movement that is now giving Hope for Breast Cancer to thousands across the world and you can watch the story HERE.

Join the Movement

Hope for Breast Cancer

When used appropriately, the money we give CAN and WILL make a difference. One life at a time.

TOGETHER, we can spread the truth that it IS possible to live a cancer-free lifestyle.

TOGETHER, we can help people understand that cancer is completely preventable.

TOGETHER, we can bring awareness to cancer patients & caregivers that the one-size-fits-all approach to cancer does not work!

TOGETHER, we can educate patients & caregivers that non-toxic, integrative options do exist!

TOGETHER we can empower the millions of people battling cancer that there is truly HOPE for a solution!

Join the movement by reserving your seat for the Hope for Breast Cancer Global Premiere and share with your loved ones!

Xavier Smith, aka, Coach X

P.S.  The Hope for Breast Cancer film is a brand NEW full-length feature documentary that you can watch for F-R-E-E.  Join the movement by  redeeming the special access I have secured for you to watch HERE.