Frequently Asked Questions — FAQs About Fitness, Nutrition, Life and Beyond

We are drowning in information – yet we are starving for wisdom!”
~ E.O. Wilson

This dude (Mr. Wilson that is) was born way before I was but that statement is as true as ever today.  What’s the solution?  Well I am glad you asked.
I have put this page together because I field many questions and I thought to myself that it would be pretty cool if I could somehow create a place to go online (other than my Facebook Group Page) that people could go back to whenever they needed to get questions answered.  Or perhaps they have some questions to ask.
This is my attempt at waging war not against but for knowledge and usable wisdom.
I don’t know about you, but it seems like the world is full of people that KNOW a lot of stuff, but fewer are those who actually practice what they know.  This page is intended to provide you with answers to frequently asked questions about fitness, nutrition, life and all things in between.
Check it out and stay a while, leave me a comment, ask me a question or let me know if you are enjoying the ride on the train of Xcellence!
Feast your eyes on my playlist and get caught up on my Frequently asked questions and if you need help turning this information into action that you can use, let me know.  I am here to help!  In fact, I have been sent here to
IMPACT – INSPIRE – & IMPROVE the lives of others!
Get on the train of Xcellence and let’s improve together.
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I am Xavier Smith, aka, Mr. XL Smith, aka, Coach X, and in my world of Xcellence…

You will always be invited — you will never be chased!

Be good to yourself until later or use the form below if you need to contact me for any solutions.

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