The Human Trainer System


World Champion Athlete Chrisie Allemand

My Partners at The Human Trainer have extended their holiday savings to keep you in shape at home.


Get fit on your favorite portable fitness equipment from Astone Fitness.

These days it’s more important to stay home than ever before. How do you stay fit or get in shape?

This is a solution for you!

Working out from home has never been easier with our fitness equipment. From our on demand video workout programs, The Human Trainer suspension training to Ripcords resistance bands, we have the products to keep you in shape at home or outdoors.

Stay fit this holiday season and start your fitness goals early. Or find that ideal gift for someone who’s missing their gym routines and is struggling to find a new fitness groove at home.

The Evolution Of Bodyweight Suspension

Made for versatility, The Human Trainer is a portable, easy to use, and highly effective training system that can be used virtually anywhere and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Human Trainer utilizes your own bodyweight as resistance giving you virtually unlimited fitness options and a total body workout. The Human Trainer engages your core and stabilizers on every exercise, increases your flexibility, and gives you an unbeatable workout in record time.

With our patented Dual Anchor suspension system, the Human Trainer allows for an unlimited range of exercises, offering a truly functional training experience. Dual Anchor mode is the better choice for beginners and advanced users as it offers a quicker way to develop the stability and core strength needed to progress to advanced level exercises. In Dual Anchor mode, it is easier to focus on correct technique and proper form with the more basic exercises and also offers the option for more advanced full body weight exercises.

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