5 Ways Power Plate Can Help Manage Secondary Lymphedema

Medical case for Power Plate Whole Body Vibration for Secondary Lymphedema

As a leading expert in massage, physical therapy, and medical massage, Lori has witnessed the incredible impact of Power Plate Whole Body Vibration on clients dealing with secondary lymphedema.

This innovative technology goes beyond the conventional to offer a holistic approach to managing this condition. Here are five ways Power Plate can be a game-changer:

1. Power Plate For Enhanced Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Power Plate stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to improve the flow of lymph fluid.
  • This gentle and non-invasive technique aids in reducing fluid buildup, a hallmark of lymphedema.

2. Power Plate For Muscle Activation and Strength:

  • Controlled vibrations engage muscles throughout the body.
  • This activation helps to pump lymph fluid and can alleviate the discomfort associated with lymphedema.

3. Power Plate For Improved Range of Motion:

  • Power Plate’s vibrations promote flexibility and mobility.
  • Clients with secondary lymphedema often experience a limited range of motion, and Power Plate can be a solution to counteract this.

4. Pain Management:

  • The natural release of endorphins during Power Plate sessions can help manage pain associated with lymphedema.
  • Many clients report reduced pain levels and an improved sense of well-being.

5. Complementing Other Therapies:

  • Power Plate is a versatile tool that can complement existing lymphedema management strategies, such as manual lymphatic drainage and compression therapy.
  • It offers an additional option for clients to include in their treatment plans.

Bonus Benefit: FDA Class 1A Registration:

Power Plate For Lymphedema
  • Power Plate has earned Class 1A Registration from the FDA as a medical device.
  • This recognition underscores its safety and effectiveness in addressing various medical conditions, including secondary lymphedema.

Remember, when incorporating Power Plate into a client’s lymphedema management plan, it’s crucial to work with a trained and certified professional who can customize the sessions to meet individual needs.

The Power Plate is a powerful tool, and when used correctly, it can provide valuable support in the journey toward managing secondary lymphedema.

Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or therapy for lymphedema, and consider discussing the potential benefits of Power Plate Whole Body Vibration as part of your comprehensive care plan.

It’s time to explore this cutting-edge approach to enhancing the quality of life for those living with secondary lymphedema.

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