Title Max Medicine Ball

I have a few clients who are putting their own custom gym together and I am blessed to be able to help them with that.

This just happened TODAY 12/26/2020 and I wanted to make sure I could offer YOU the same deal that my client and friend Pete just got!

Pete just updated me on the progress of his new home and he has space to dedicate a gym just like he wants it!

I posted on Facebook asking about what would be your favorite color and Pete responded that he would take all three.

He later sent me a text, and long story short, I sent him the link to my store and now Pete will be the owner of all three Title Max Medicine Balls.

If you want to get the same deal that my main man Pete is getting, then you can either watch this video to get the link which expires in 7 days, or you can click this direct link to go right to the online store!

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