Friday Fitness Tips – Controlling Cholesterol [Educational Video]

Tips on Controlling Cholesterol You are now on board the train of Xcellence and I thank you for being here!  You may proceed… Hey, what’s happening, folks? Xavier Smith here, A.K.A. Mr. XL Smith, your favorite Queen Creek personal trainer. Let’s talk about your heart health. I’ve got some tips on how to lower your…

Family Inspiration

When it comes to success, or successful people, the question is always asked about how did you get here, or there is a reference to how one got to where you are now! Well this situation is no different. When it comes to the path I am on, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge some of the people who played a role in life today! In this post, I am introducing you to some of my family and one of the key players in this amazing scene call my life! Please say hello to my brother (Cous-Bro), Tee Smith, aka, Coach Tee.

Personal Trainer/Coach- Your "Go To" Personal Trainer For A Fuller Life

So you are interested in personal training right? Well you are in the right place if you want a person who cares about your success and helping you improve! I would be happy to serve as your personal pusher of fitness and improvement! I am a firm believer in old school back to basics, good old fashioned work! Only because it works.