Thrive Market Vega One Protein Power- 3 Different Uses

Vega Protein Powder

It’s yours truly, Queen Creek’s highest rated INDEPENDENT personal trainer/coach!
If you have been on my train, you know I am all about making better choices for a better life, and Thrive Market plays a role in my choices!

Okay, so here’s the deal.  You’re on your way to the grocery store,looking for some protein powders.  There’s way to many choices, not enough time.
So, follow me into the kitchen and I want to talk to you about one of my favorites, Vega brand protein powders from Thrive Market that work for me.

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Let’s go.
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Okay folks, welcome to the Mr. XL Smith Fitness Kitchen.  There are three different purposes to my favorite Vega brand protein powders.
We’re going to them right now.
Okay, first let’s begin with the impact level or what I like to call, the introduction level.
You see Vega, Proteins and Greens, vanilla flavor, my favorite.  This one is gonna be found in your everyday
maintenance plan because you’re gonna get 20 grams of protein, two servings of greens and 110 calories.
Now, as far as pricing, nobody, in my opinion beats Thrive Market and the convenience factor.
I spend 49 bucks, I get this delivered, free shipping, and I don’t have to deal people with improper shopping cart
etiquette, if you know what I mean.
So, otherwise you can find this at Costco, just, you have to deal with the crowd.
This is gonna be for every day maintenance.
Now, let’s move onto the next level.

Alrighty, folks!

Now, we’re talking about Vega One All-in-one Nutritional Shake, so let me set this up.
Let’s say you’re out and about, you’re busy, your kids are running you, driving you crazy, you miss a meal, you know, where you sit down and have all your servings and everything is properly laid out.
Well, let’s say you miss that.
Well, when you get a chance, serve yourself up one of these, the all-in-one nutritional shake.
Let’s talk about what benefits you get, 20 grams of protein, again.
You get six servings of greens, vitamins and minerals, you get about 50% of your daily allowance.
You’re gonna get fiber, omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics and 160 calories, folks.
This is the big deal, right here.
So, if you miss a meal, this is what you’re gonna be shooting for, okay?
Now, let’s move on to the next one.
All right now, guys, we’re on the top floor. We’re talking about the Vega Sport Protein Performance Powder.
So, let’s say you’re just done with a workout, say, here in the Fitness Dungeon, perhaps, and you need to replace all that energy that you expended.
Well, let’s talk about what you get out of this one. Okay, you’re going to get 30 grams of protein, six grams of branch-chain amino acids.
Now, if you’re anything at all into the science behind the body and how it performs, you know the importance of
branch-chain amino acids and why you need to get those replaced.
So, we’ll talk a little more about that as you ask me those questions and I can get that information to you.  Learn more here!
Six grams of Glutamine, okay, so as far as repairing those muscles that you just used, well, the rebuilding
foundation is gonna be found in your glutamine and your branch-chain amino acids.
So, I don’t want get too complicated with that. The other added benefit to this one is turmeric, tart cherries and pro-biotics.
And again, you can see this one is for post-workout.  Okay, there’s gonna be a quiz, so, pay attention.
Well all right there, athlete!
You’ve just been briefed on three different protein powders, three different purposes.
Let’s review one more time.
Okay, first up, we have the Vega Protein and Greens for general maintenance, everyday use.
Then we have your meal replacement.
This one is going to be used if you missed that sit-down meal.
Next up, we have the Vega Sports Protein Powder which is going to be used after, post-workout.
Again, we’re speaking from my personal preference, what works for me.
Once I found out that whey and all those whey-related products were no good for my blood type, I went to a better alternative and that’s why I went to the plant-based protein.
So, I’m AB, I don’t know what you are, but if you want to dial your fitness and take your fitness and nutrition to the next level, then reach out to me or someone that does know what they’re talking about and we’ll go from there.
Okay, I’m Xavier Smith. This is Mr. XL Smith Fitness Kitchen and I want to thank you for watching.
I’m out.
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